Question: I would like to have my wisdom teeth surgically removed but do not have the money to cover the cost of the procedure. Therefore, I would like to know if my Medicaid covers extraction of wisdom teeth.

Answer: Unknown to most people is that Medicaid covers a majority of medical emergencies as well as medically essential health plus dental procedures. Therefore, if you have an appointment to surgically remove your wisdom teeth, rest assured that Medicaid will cater for all expenses incurred.

Still, it is important to point out that Medicaid varies from one state to the other. This is because every state manages its own healthcare program thereby making certain aspects to differ as you move from one state to the other. In order to find out if Medicaid caters for the extraction of wisdom teeth, visit the local Medicaid office in your area or surf through its official website. Alternatively, you can call the number listed on the website so as to find out what services the health insurance coverage caters for.

Medic Aid vs. Dental Procedures

According to the American Dental Association, Medicaid normal covers for a majority of dental treatments that are listed as essential. However, the procedure cannot be an elective dental procedure. The aim of the dental procedure that you are undergoing, for example, surgical removal of your wisdom tooth ought to:

Aim at improving your level of comfort.

Aim at getting rid of the pain that is causing you sleepless nights.

Since removal of wisdom teeth takes into consideration extraction of tooth and restoration of your dental formula, it will cater for the procedure. Still you need to call and confirm with the Medicaid provider in your state so as to confirm if the treatment is covered.

What Types of Dental Treatments Do Medicaid Cover?

As pointed out earlier, the type of dental treatment that Medicaid covers varies from state to state. For example, most states do not cater for procedures such as removal of dentures, crown lengthening and dental implants. But the same cannot be said of extraction of wisdom teeth since it is classified as an essential procedure by most doctors.

Dentists vs. Medicaid Coverage

A majority of dentists are known for accepting patients who are covered by Medicaid. Consequently, you should be able to have your wisdom teeth extracted from most of the dental offices located in your state.

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