Impacted wisdom toothWhat you probably don’t know about wisdom teeth

Most people are afraid to face the day when their wisdom teeth has finally come since there are so many misconceptions about this set of teeth. Possibly one of the most important things about wisdom teeth is that not all people will get theirs as they grow up. There are a total of 4 wisdom teeth that will erupt in an adult but it does not mean that you will get all four or suffer four times the pain and the agony of dealing with your dentist. Here are some wisdom teeth facts:

It’s an unwanted gift

Wisdom teeth are said to be present in our cavemen ancestors so that they will be able to grind foods easily seeing that there were no modern methods to cook and soften foods. It’s our ancestors’ gift to us however we don’t exactly use them anymore. Plus wisdom teeth are more of a burden and not a gift since these teeth are often impacted and prone to infection.

Wisdom tooth removal ASAP

With all the hassles of having wisdom tooth dentists recommend removing these as soon as they erupt. This is why almost all dentists are experienced in wisdom tooth extraction. Early removal will help reduce the possibility of impaction and infection.

But when your wisdom teeth are infected, your dentist may recommend dealing with infection first before scheduling wisdom tooth removal. Antibiotics will be prescribed to treat infections and pain killers are given for pain relief.

Wisdom teeth removal

Removing wisdom teeth is no different from removing an ordinary tooth however there are cases when wisdom tooth may be impacted, infected or misaligned. In these cases, using tools and equipment to remove teeth is used prolonging wisdom teeth extraction as well as wound healing time.

The cost of wisdom teeth removal may vary from place to place; make sure you choose the most suitable dental professional to help you with your extraction. The more experienced the dentist, the higher the rate and the more complicated your extraction is the more you need to pay for a higher rate.

Wisdom tooth and stem cells

Stem cell therapy is one of the most promising cures for certain illnesses like cancer and other chronic disease what you probably don’t know is that stem cells may be extracted from wisdom teeth which can be stored for future use. Stem cell banks are some of the most effective ways to preserve wisdom teeth and it only costs so very little to preserve your own stem cells for any illnesses you may encounter in the future.  You may ask your dentist for any concerns about stem cell harvest and storing stem cells gathered from your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal after care

People thought that removing wisdom teeth is dangerous and requires a dentist who has years of experience with this procedure. But do you know that wisdom teeth removal is just like removing ordinary teeth? This procedure is so common, it is offered by almost all dental clinics. Painful and impacted wisdom teeth are very common and recommending that these be removed is usually preferred by most dentists.

Wisdom teeth removal after care is also similar to wound and gum care after regular extractions. However, dentists these days prefer to close the wound with the help of stitches to prevent an empty socket. An empty socket is a condition where the blood clot that is supposed to cover the tooth socket is removed prematurely. This may cause extreme pain since the nerves and bone are seen from the tooth socket. An empty socket also increases the possibility of prolonging wound healing which leads to severe complications like bleeding and infection.

An empty socket may happen in any type of extraction and often times empty socket results to terrible pain. Pain is usually described as so severe and may not respond to pain killers and pain treatments at home. When this happens, consult your doctor beforehand to receive the most suitable treatment.

Wisdom teeth pain prevention

Impacted toothThere is no escape to wisdom teeth pain since this set of teeth often grows in a misaligned way. When wisdom teeth impacts, there is also a great possibility that it will infect and become very painful. Effective prevention techniques are at hand:

  • Once your wisdom teeth erupts, keep the area clean from decries and food bits. Brush daily and gargle with plain water. Do not use alcohol-based mouthwashes that will only irritate your wisdom teeth.
  • Be sure to eat soft foods as your wisdom teeth erupt; be sure to gargle as often as you can to prevent food bits from getting stuck in your growing wisdom teeth.
  • Some wisdom teeth may not completely erupt from the gum and even from the bones of the jaw. You can strengthen your teeth and bone by adding more calcium to your diet. Calcium strengthens bone and teeth and will prevent bone brittleness.
  • Another way to deal with wisdom teeth pain and prevent them from happening is to talk to a doctor. Your doctor will be able to deal with the severe pain associated with wisdom teeth growth. If your teeth are in perfect condition then expect a scheduled removal within days, when teeth are infected, the infection will need to subside before the procedure is done. Your doctor will start you with one or two kinds antibiotic therapy; once more, you need follow your doctor’s advice regarding taking your antibiotics and any prescribed pain relievers and fever medications.
  • Pain may also be prevented by taking it easy and staying fit and healthy. Contrary to what people do not know, there are instances when wisdom teeth have no symptoms at all. Visit your dentist for more ways on how to prevent pain during wisdom teeth growth.


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