Question: Are there any home remedies for wisdom teeth?

Answer: There are home remedies for wisdom teeth just like using cold compresses and various natural techniques that are used to reduce wisdom teeth pain and infection. However, be careful in using these remedies. Consult your dentist for any concerns about wisdom tooth growth.

3d character puppet having teeth painWisdom Tooth Home Remedies

There are different home remedies for different illnesses and possibly one of the oldest conditions that affect people is an aching wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth ache has been recorded in various writings in history and even as early as when pharaohs ruled Egypt! From then on, countless herbs and natural techniques were used to relieve wisdom tooth pain and infection but be careful. A home remedy may be called a natural technique but being natural does not always mean that it is safe. The best thing is still to consult your doctor for the most suitable treatment for your wisdom teeth.

Here are some home remedies for wisdom tooth ache which may also be used for ordinary tooth aches for pain relief. Alongside are also popular remedies that are also great for reducing infection which is a very common condition in wisdom teeth:

Cold compress

Cold can help reduce swelling and pain which is common in wisdom teeth growth. Cold may also ease inflammation and control infection. You should use cold compresses together with your prescribed antibiotic treatment.

Applying cold compresses is easy; use a water bottle with cold water or ice and place this directly over the cheek near the aching wisdom tooth. You may wet a face towel with cold water and place this over your cheek. Ice water and ice chips may also help; chew on ice chips and allow it to melt over the affected area. With cold water, gently swish this over the area as well. Spit out ice or water afterward. You may use these techniques as often as you like and best of all there are no side effects and adverse effects.

The lymph nodes on your neck will inflame and become really painful when your wisdom tooth is impacted. You may also cold compress techniques to help reduce pain over the neck and face area.

Using gargles

Gargle with plain water as often as possible. This will flush out bits of food and dirt that got stuck from the crevices of your impacted wisdom tooth. Gargle after every meals or gargle as soon as you feel pain.

If you have heard about the therapeutic effects of wheat grass then you should know that this herb has wonderful antioxidant effects. Drinking wheat grass can help reduce the possibility of suffering from different kinds of illnesses as well as reduce infection. You may use a small amount of wheat grass powder for your gargle. Use this like your usual gargle and be sure to concentrate the wheat grass on the affected area. Gargle after each meal and as soon as you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night to control infection and reduce pain and swelling of the gums.

Using herbs and natural products

You may not know it but there are so many natural pain-relief remedies lying around the house. Remedies like garlic and ginger are just two of the most popular natural home remedies you can use to reduce pain and swelling and to deal with bacterial infection which is the cause of inflammation in the first place.

Garlic has so many natural therapeutic properties that can help reduce pain, control inflammation and fever. You just need to use one clove of garlic and pound it thinly. Place this clove over your affected wisdom tooth and bite into it. Allow the juice to come out of the clove and coat the tooth. You may also chew the clove until it is dry. You will feel that the chemicals in garlic are working when there is heat over your mouth.

Same goes for ginger but this time use the ginger root. Remove the skin and slice a thin ginger slice much like a bubble gum. Chew on this piece and allow the juice to coat the tooth, gums and adjoining teeth. Ginger is also great for infection and this can easily control infection and prevent terrible complications of wisdom tooth growth.

Onions also have natural properties that can help reduce pain and infection. Just like using garlic and ginger, you can slice onions thinly and chew this small piece. You may place a small piece over your wisdom teeth and bite into it. Onions may also remove bacteria along the oral cavity which may infect impacted wisdom teeth because of its astringent properties.

Black tea is another home natural remedy that can help reduce pain and swelling. You can buy black tea from any local grocery store or drug store. Simply allow black tea to activate using a teacup of warm water; after a few minutes, place the tea bag directly over the affected tooth. Press on this tooth for several minutes; black tea will coat the tooth and reduce swelling and pain. Afterwards, gargle with plain water. You may repeat this twice or thrice a day.


Rest is important in any illness even in tooth aches. When you rest, you give time for your body to relax and recuperate. Rest also helps build or restore immune system health and help the body fight infections. Resting along with taking other herbal or natural remedies will help reduce pain and swelling of wisdom tooth.

OTC remedies

There are so many over-the-counter remedies to reduce pain and swelling however some of these may not be too effective especially when your wisdom tooth is impacted and infected. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment for your wisdom tooth pain and will also provide you with more helpful information in the treatment of wisdom tooth pain. If you have wisdom tooth pain, visit your dentist today.


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