medic dental local anaesthesiaQuestion: I recently turned 17 years old and one of the things that I’m looking forward to is the emergence of my wisdom teeth. For me, it is a symbol of maturity. Nonetheless, I cannot ignore the fact that the eruption of wisdom tooth is often accompanied by soreness. So, I’d like to known how to get rid of wisdom teeth soreness.

Answer: There is no doubt that the eruption of wisdom teeth is usually accompanied by pain and tenderness of the jaws and gums. Whereas most people tend to consider the emergence of wisdom teeth as a stage that they have to go through in order to attain full maturity, at times the pain can be so unbearable. In fact, there are dentists who recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth as a means of getting rid of the soreness and other complications that may emerge in the future as a result of impacted wisdom teeth. Though quite rare, impacted wisdom teeth can invite bacterial infections to your mouth.

So what can you do if you are going through this phase but cannot withstand the soreness that comes with it? If you are not the kind of person who doesn’t like surgical procedures, then you will find that the options accessible to you are quite limited. However, this is not an indication that there no other non-intrusive procedures that you can use in order to alleviate the pain you are experiencing. The following are methods you can use to try and alleviate the pain that comes with the emergence of wisdom teeth:

1. Does Brushing Your Teeth Help?

The soreness caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth can be aggravated further by food particles that get stuck between your teeth. Toothpastes are known to contain components that function in numbing the tenderness of developing wisdom teeth in addition to killing bacteria which may trigger undesirable infections if left untreated.

2. Can Rinsing Your Mouth Using Saline Water Help?

The other method you can use to minimize the pain triggered by developing wisdom teeth is rinsing your mouth using saline water. Salt functions in toughening the gums, alleviating the soreness and getting rid of the infection. Saline water tends to provide better results compared to over-the-counter medications like pain killers.

3. Does Drinking Cold or Lukewarm Fluids Help?

Drinking cold or lukewarm fluids like milkshakes, ice tea and ice-cream can also help in minimizing the pain caused by erupting wisdom teeth.

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