Wisdom tooth X-RayQuestion: I’m 20 years old and devoid of wisdom teeth yet my peers already have their full set of wisdom teeth. How long does it take for wisdom teeth to emerge? Moreover, what are the signs and symptoms that my wisdom teeth are starting to emerge?

Answer: Wisdom teeth are usually the final set of molars to emerge in your oral cavity. Normally, most people get their wisdom teeth during adolescent years. Hinging on the circumstances, your dentist may recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth, especially if they are impacted. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is usually done with an aim of preventing future oral complications as well as infections.

What Are the Signs of Wisdom Teeth Eruption?

The signs and symptoms of emergence of wisdom teeth are slight pressure or aches at the back of the mouth. These symptoms often occur after an individual has attained the age of 16 years. However, most people get their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25 years. Still, there are people who do not develop wisdom teeth until the age of 30 years. The term “wisdom” was coined from the fact that most people attain maturity at the age of 22 after which they start to display signs of wisdom.

What Causes Pain During the Eruption of Wisdom Teeth?

Several scientific studies show that the size of the jaw has drastically declined over the last 3-4 decades. The evolution is largely attributed to the fact that cases of cavities have largely declined over the last couple of years and as such very few people are losing their teeth. The insufficient room in your jaw is what causes the pain and pressure linked with the emergence of wisdom teeth.

Due to lack of space in the jaw, the wisdom tooth tends to remain beneath the gum surface. On the other hand, the tooth may emerge and disappear from time to time as a result of lack of room to mature in. The emergence and disappearance of the tooth are what causes toothaches, tenderness in the gums as well as pressure in the jaws. Then again, you may also feel as if the pain is spreading to your other teeth.

What Is the Treatment for Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

In the event that the wisdom teeth fail to emerge of fully mature, the teeth may cause your other teeth to lose their alignment. In order to avoid such incidences, your dentist may recommend the removal of the impacted teeth so as to ensure your oral wellness.


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