Tooth extracting method. Real human tooh hanging on threadQuestion: I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and as such I’m on a strict diet in order to enhance the healing process. Sadly, I’m a coffee addict and is wondering whether it is okay for me to consume my usual morning cup of coffee even though my wisdom teeth were surgically cut off recently.

Answer: There are no words that can describe the pain you went through soon after the removal of your wisdom teeth regardless of the fact that you were placed under local anesthesia and put under pain medication for a couple of days. However, eating can at times seem challenging and difficult after the procedure has been completed. Personally I drank lukewarm coffee the day after I had my wisdom teeth removed, and warm coffee a couple of days later. It all depends on how good the surgery goes.


What Types of Foods Should You Eat?

Your dentist must have advised you on which types of foods to eat and fluids to drinks. Odds are that alcohol and soda are some of the beverages that your dentist might have dissuaded you from taking in order to accelerate your healing process.

For a majority of people, taking cold beverages aids in minimizing the inflammation as well as pain. Then again, you need to try as much as possible to stay away from sugary and acidic drinks since they can aggravate the raw flesh. Cold tea, sugar-free slush and milkshakes are some of the beverages that are highly recommended soon after removal of your wisdom teeth.

Is taking Lukewarm Drink Okay?

Lukewarm drinks are also highly recommended as they help in minimizing the pain, particularly for individuals who have sensitive teeth. Warm coffee, clear soups as well as tea are excellent choices when it comes to relieving nerve pain that tends to aggravate soon after having your wisdom tooth removed. While you may have a strong addiction to coffee, you need to avoid taking hot coffee in the morning as this can worsen the pain.

In addition to drinks, you also need to exercise caution when it comes to the types of foods that you can eat. The best foods to eat after the removal of your wisdom teeth include mashed potatoes, cooked fruits, soups, baked fish, soft stews and pasta dishes. These groups of foods are recommended since they do not require effort in terms of chewing. For breakfast, you can choose to eat boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, omelets, bananas and other soft fruits.

For lunch and dinner, you can choose to eat cream soups, soft stews as well as noodle soups. Canned beef stew is also relatively safe to eat. Nonetheless, you need to heat the meat in order to make it soft.


  1. Jane

    You don’t mention how long you should avoid drinking the hot coffee. I’m also a coffee addict and have been drinking lukewarm/warm coffee, but am used to drinking it very hot and am wondering how long after having a wisdom tooth I have to wait before I can do so. I had a wisdom tooth removed two days ago.

  2. Valerie

    I personally would avoid hot liquids for as long as possible post extraction… I had my wisdoms removed and am going to wait until a week is up, to avoid having a dry socket… which is extremely painful apparently.

  3. Arti Bargota

    I would probably say he cautious with what you eat and drink for 72 hours. To add, do not smoke for 72 hours. A dry socket is painful! And they are common with wisdom tooth extraction. I’ve just had my upper left wisdom tooth removed now. Although I am tempted to have a coffee or tea, I won’t be having any. Bland and soft diet for me…

  4. Charlotte

    I had 9 teeth taken out 2 days ago including all 4 of my wisdom teeth I’ve had no pain and limited swelling, I was told not to drink from a straw but it’s the only thing I’ve been able to do and plus don’t know what a dry socket feels like as obviously haven’t been in any pain I have had 2/3 roll ups after 24 hours but my lips are swollen still. Would really appreciate a coffee but am scared will cause more damage as a lot of these sites say eat on opposite site to extraction which in my case is not possible.

  5. Anje

    I found a link to a dental website. 24 hrs. post extraction, you can drink luke warm coffee. 48 hrs. post extraction you can drink it a bit warmer. Really it varies. It doesn’t hurt to call your dentist and ask them, they’ll generally be happy to answer any questions. I myself just had a tooth pulled about 9 hours ago and the Ibuprofen my DDS prescribed is making me very sleepy.

  6. Zed

    I have just had one out and i have had a coffee. I had one out before on the opposite side and literally felt fine after the anesthetic wore off

  7. Matt

    I had Both of my wisdom teeth from the bottom taken out the same day with local anesthesia. Got pain killers and etc.. after 24 hours after the surgery it’s ok to drink coffee, I drank Luke warm coffee, meaning I let it stand a little bit before I drank it cause if you drink it hot, that can cause pain in the gums. So dribknad much coffee and you can just at the right temperature!!

  8. Donnella Monk

    To be honest I haven’t found many posts to be useful. But from my experience, 3rd day of removal, I’m actually doing great and I’ve done a couple of things wrong given I had no clear instructions. I do not think I’m getting any dry socket or something like that. I say drink the coffee like warm, drink little portions of soda and try a juice supplement. You won’t die. I doubt you would get anything like a dry socket If you are properly taking care of your gum and teeth. I say enjoy the little things here and there. If your dentist didn’t mention it and you can’t find anything bad on the internet from it you are fine. That means there isn’t a problem. 😉

  9. Tony

    I just had 2 wisdom teeth removed. I took it very easy and careful the first 24-48 hours consumed only mashed potato ice cream and lukewarm soup. Tbh no one is giving a clear answer as to when you can begin drinking hot coffee again because it all depends on your personal experiences how you are feeling how smoothly the extraction went etc. The safest thing to do is prolong as long as possible. Say a week or two. If you want to before this time do so at your own risk. But assess the risk depending on how you’re feeling. The point is not to make any drastic changes. Increase temp a little bit each day and see how you feel. The more cautious you can be during the earlier days i.e. up to first 3-4 days the faster you will heal and the faster you can incorporate a normal diet. If you’re not patient enough you may disrupt the blood clot and the process could start all over again not to mention you will be in extreme pain.

    For me

    Day 0 before dentist and day 1 – heavy dinner and light breakfast following morning before dentist then fasted for the rest of the day i.e. didn’t eat first day after dentist just drank water and took painkillers

    Day 2 – soup mashed potato ice cream any hot foods not hotter than lukewarm of course

    Day 3 – repeated day 2 to ensure healing. If there is pain or bleeding place a damp tea bag to act as a gauze as this is more effective to stop bleeding. Make sure you Bite down firm.

    Day 4 – throughout day 3 I started feeling pretty good there was no bleeding left etc. I started eating scrambled eggs cheese and pancakes with peanut butter on day 4. I also had Luke warm coffee.

    Day 5 – judging by how day 4 went continued with like warm coffee and semi soft foods. Tbh the main things you need to look out for are 1. Take it slow and 2. If there is bleeding you are likely going too fast. Place a tea bag to stop bleeding and if it continues you may have to go back to dentist. And 3. Once your comfortable with your diet still make sure to rinse mouth with salty water or non alcoholic mouthwash to ensure area remains clean.

    The main 2 things you want to avoid are bleeding by too much pressure or excessive temperature or to solid food or things getting stuck in there with solid food or not cleaning afterward. Otherwise if you follow these precautions you should be fine.

    I personally did not drink hot coffee again until I went back to dentist 8 days later he said it looked like it healed good and essentially gave me a green light but even then you wanna ‘ve careful for up to 2 weeks at least

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