Question: I’ll be turning 20 in December. While this is an exciting moment for me, I’m slightly concerned about my oral wellness since my wisdom teeth are yet to emerge. In addition to how long it takes for wisdom teeth to emerge, I’d also like to know if I’ll have to endure pain and even complications when my wisdom teeth finally emerge.

Answer: In a layman’s term, wisdom teeth are the three molars at the back of your mouth. According to several scientific studies, wisdom teeth tend to appear between the ages of 16 years and 25 years. Consequently, the fact that your wisdom teeth haven’t emerged does not mean that you have a medical issue. You still have six more years before your wisdom teeth can emerge.

A majority of adults usually have a maximum of four wisdom teeth. Nonetheless, it is also important to point out that you can have more than four wisdom teeth. The additional wisdom teeth are commonly referred to as supernumerary teeth. But since wisdom teeth appear late in life after other teeth have matured, they tend to interfere with your current dental arrangement. As such, it is important to consult a dentist every now and again to monitor the development of your wisdom teeth.


What Meant By Impacted Wisdom Tooth

A wisdom tooth is said to be impacted when there isn’t enough room within the dental arch and as such its eruption is hindered by the jawbone, gum or another tooth. According to leading scientists, lack of space within the mouth is as a result of the diminishing jawbone as a result of evolution. Some of the factors that have contributed to the diminishing jawbone include improved diet which has greatly minimized the wearing down of teeth and decreased cases of tooth decay thereby minimizing loss of teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth tend to mature in different directions. For instance, an impacted wisdom tooth can mature towards existing teeth or away from them. The simplest and cheapest way to overcome the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth is extracting them while they are still premature.

Is it Necessary to Do an Assessment of Your Wisdom Teeth?

Not everybody experiences problems with their wisdom teeth. The dimensions of your jaw as well as the manner in which your wisdom teeth will mature are just but some of the factors that determine the problems you will experience as your wisdom teeth matures with time.


  1. Sonjay

    I’m 24 and my wisdom teeth are out but not fully out,..there are some small pieces of gum that arches over my teeth,..I can’t bite anything and my upper under gum is a bit swollen,.. Is all that the cause of the wisdom tooth? when can I eat properly again? When will the wisdom teeth be fully out?

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