Tooth extracting method. Real human tooh hanging on threadQuestion: Is it true that wisdom teeth have to be extracted soon after their emergence in order to avoid future oral complications? Then again, what is the difference between normal tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal?

Answer: Impacted wisdom tooth is one of the complications that a majority of people experience soon after the emergence of wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom tooth can cause a lot of pain and as such the need to remove them before they can be able to cause further health complications. To date, extraction of wisdom teeth is the only solution to impacted wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction vs. Normal Teeth Extraction

But what is the key difference between wisdom tooth extraction and normal teeth removal? Your first sets of teeth are commonly referred to as milk teeth. Milk teeth normally start to appear at the age of six months and continue to emerge for the next couple of years. However, milk teeth are temporary and as such will eventually shed off.

Removal of normal teeth does not require the services of an experienced and skilled oral surgeon as is the case with wisdom teeth. Normal teeth can easily be extracted by a general dentist or family dentist. During the extraction process, the dentist only needs to numb the area in order to minimize pain. Most people do not experience pain after the extraction of normal tooth and as such there is no need to prescribe pain killers.

When Can You Expect to See Your First Set of Wisdom Teeth?

But the same cannot be said of wisdom teeth. In contrast to milk teeth, wisdom teeth are the last sets of molars to appear later in life. Most people have their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25 years. A majority of people do not experience problems with their wisdom teeth. However, there are individuals who experience what is known as impacted wisdom teeth. What this means is that, there isn’t adequate room for the wisdom teeth to mature and as such tend to mature in different directions.

As a means of relieving the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth, there are people who are prescribed for painkillers as well as antibiotics. However, the best solution is extraction of the impacted teeth in order to avoid future complications.

Is Surgery Needed In Order to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Unlike normal teeth, extraction of wisdom teeth entails surgically cutting off the teeth. It is for this reason that patients are usually sedated in order to avoid feeling the pain. Then again, you have to follow a strict diet soon after the removal of your wisdom teeth in order to accelerate the healing process.

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