Impacted wisdom toothQuestion: Wisdom teeth are often removed but when is this done? When to consider removing my wisdom teeth?

Answer: Wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as they appear since most wisdom teeth growths cause dental problems. To prevent these dental worries, a dentist often advices clients to have wisdom teeth removed as soon as they erupt.

Why are wisdom teeth removed ASAP?

There are so many reasons why wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as they erupt

  1. Preventive measures – wisdom teeth growth are often painful and may cause severe distress to the patient but before these happen, this set of teeth are removed  as soon as they show. And aside from pain, wisdom teeth may impact as they erupt which can cause infection and severe complications. It is estimated that about 85% of people everywhere need to remove their wisdom teeth because of pain and complications; this number is according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.
  2. Impaction – since wisdom teeth are already the third molar, these often misalign as they grow and may not completely erupt. This condition is known as impaction of teeth and this causes misalignment of nearby teeth and may also affect bone and gums.
  3. Infection – when teeth are impacted, it can become a place where food can accumulate and eventually a place where bacteria may reside. Bacteria will proliferate in food bits on impacted teeth which will lead to an infection of the gums.
  4. Other concerns – when there are places where food bits can hide this can lead to bad breath and dental caries. Dentists therefore recommend removing wisdom teeth way before they can affect oral health.

Wisdom teeth have no specific purpose. These teeth were once used by our cavemen ancestors as a way to grind tough food like grain and herbs; wisdom teeth are often removed even when there are no significant reasons for removal.

Do all dentists perform wisdom teeth removal?

Almost all dentists remove wisdom teeth; it is one of the most common dental procedures done in most clinics. But even when this is so, you still need to find the most suitable professional to help you out. Here are the most important points to remember in searching for a suitable dental surgeon for wisdom teeth removal:

  • Experience – how long has he worked as a dentist and his experience in performing wisdom teeth removal is your first concern. Look for an experienced dentist instead of a beginner.
  • Clinic location – a nearby clinic is better than commuting very far while nursing your painful wisdom teeth.
  • Clinic facilities – you want a clinic with complete and up to date facilities
  • Insurance – if you have dental insurance, you will need an affiliate dentist to handle your dental surgery.
  • Rate – of course you need an affordable dentist that offers high quality service. You may check these out by reading consumer reviews online.

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