Healthy teeth concept. Real human wisdom tooth dental mirror andHow long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

Question: I have heard that it takes a while to recover after removing your wisdom teeth. How long does it take to recover from this dental procedure?

Answer: It will usually take anywhere from three to five days to recover from wisdom teeth removal. If there are no complications after surgery then expect faster recovery time. There are several factors that can affect your recovery.

What are the possible factors that can affect recovery time?

  • Wisdom teeth complications – when there is impaction or misalignment of wisdom teeth or neighboring teeth then expect longer surgical/dental procedure and a longer recovery time.  Impaction means that the tooth was not able to erupt completely due to nearby bone, teeth or gums; surgery becomes difficult since the dentist need to consider the angle and the size of the wisdom teeth and so many other factors before surgery is done.
  • Your state of health – if you have medical conditions like asthma, bleeding tendencies, a deficient immune system, diabetes or any condition that may affect wound healing then expect longer recovery times. Usually patients with these conditions must secure a clearance from their doctor before a dental procedure is done.
  • Your age – if you are young then expect faster recovery times. Young people have an elastic gum line, healthier blood flow along the gum area and faster wound healing compared to older people who may be plagued with so many illnesses. Therefore, older people may need a longer time to recover from a dental procedure such as wisdom teeth removal.
  • Your lifestyle – if you smoke or drink alcohol, then expect longer recovery time. Nicotine affects a person’s immune system which will lead to severe complications like bleeding and infection. It is therefore recommended that anyone who smokes or drinks alcohol to avoid doing so when he is recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

How to boost wisdom teeth recovery time?

Dentists advice clients who would like to remove their wisdom teeth to do the following measures. These will significantly increase the recovery time from the procedure.

  1. Days or even weeks before the procedure, quit smoking. Smoking will only lengthen your recovery time and will only lead to terrible complications like bleeding and gum infection.
  2. After the extraction, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  3. Avoid chewing food on the area where wisdom tooth was extracted. For multiple extractions, take it easy and eat soft foods or foods that may be easily swallowed.
  4. Avoid hot foods; this is the best time to indulge in your favorite ice cream flavour!
  5. During the first 24 hours after extraction, do not rinse your mouth.
  6. Avoid heavy lifting and take things easy for a while.
  7. Follow your doctor’s prescription and any recommendations. Come back for a follow up.
  8. Keep the site free from debris and regularly inspect how the wound is healing. Any problems should be consulted immediately to your dentist.

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